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ScreenSuite is a total solution to work on designers systems, players and servers. Designers, design and manage contents with Designer Software and save them on Server software, Server software publish different contents for different players, player software get the contents from server and show them on screens.

Professional Consulting

We can describe, design, simulate every digital signage solutions and show you advantages of each one.

Valuable Ideas

It’s important to run your digital signage projects with low costs, high efficiency and unique parameters.

Excellent Timing

After consulting and planing your solution, we start to run and/or customize it as soon as possible.

Budget Friendly

Free consulting, lower price in sail, and lowest costs customization and special solution designs, be comfort.

ScreenSuite Cross Platforms

Cross Platform

ScreenSuite digital signage player application support public players and displays operating systems such as windows players/displays, android players/displays WebOs (LG) and Tizen (Samsung), Procentric and Hbrowser. Mix of them in one solution is superted by ScreenSuite!


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers, developing first class solutions for our clients.

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